Trough chain conveyor

Horizontal conveyors for long-term use

Trough chain conveyors are used for horizontal transport of grain and legumes and consist of a drive station and a tensioning station. In between, an endless chain with lateral carriers ensures gentle transport of the bulk material. Trough chain conveyors, also known as redlers, are a versatile component of almost any grain processing system. In combination with elevators, silos and augers, versatile conveying paths can be mapped out.

The drive station has a chain wheel on a drive shaft, which is driven by a geared motor. Depending on the requirements and the desired chain speed, the drive can be individually configured. This means that ATEX-compliant conveyors up to zone 20 can also be realised.

The bottom of the trough chain conveyors is lined with polyethylene. This promotes smooth running and greatly reduces wear. In case of maintenance, a plastic plate can be easily replaced. For particularly abrasive bulk materials or in the area of transfers, special wear plates are used to ensure a long service life.

The roof of our trough chain conveyors is always saddle-shaped. This prevents deposits and liquids from accumulating. A special bend prevents liquids from penetrating into the conveyor flow. In addition, the plates are sealed with sealing material.

The individual segments of the trough chain conveyor are fitted with return rollers so that the chain on top does not sag and can be tensioned without great effort. In addition, there is the option of mounting an intermediate floor to additionally relieve the chain.

Trough chain conveyors can be equipped with several discharge gates so that variable outlets can be realised by means of the gate control. Discharge gates are available as manual, pneumatic and electric variants.

The tensioning station of the trough chain conveyor is used, as the name suggests, to tension the chain. With its threaded rods mounted on both sides, untensioning during maintenance and re-tensioning is easy to realise.

To prevent the grain from jamming in the conveyor, a diaphragm switch is fitted as standard to indicate jamming. This prevents mechanical damage.

Trough chain conveyors are often used in combination with elevators, trough augers and silos.


Pictures of trough chain conveyors

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