Mobiler Kälberstall

Calves-MAX 14

mobile calf barn for 12-15 calves from 14 days - 6 months

mobile calf barn for 12-15 calves from 14 days - 6 months

The mobile husbandry system / calf barn Calf-MAX 14 from Hedemann
For safe calf husbandry.

Standard version with diagonal feed fence.

The base frame is hot-dip galvanized. The rear area is lined with planboard on three sides. There is a door on the right and left in the front area of ​​the side wall. The front grid is designed as a diagonal feed grille with a neck width of approx. 20 cm. Roofing made of trapezoidal sheet.
There is perforated sheet metal in the ridge area of ​​the rear wall. In the lower area of ​​the side wall are Wooden planks measuring 25.00 cm x 4.00 cm. There is a stable support tube above the ridge of the hut, which is easy to move
the hut by means of front or wheel loaders.

Basic dimensions of the hut approx.4.50 x 6.00m total height approx.3.20m

Delivery takes place as a kit!

Overall width approx. 4.90 m, total length with roof overhang approx. 7.00 m

The simple and well thought-out design enables
quick assembly and disassembly of the system.

Optional accessories:

- Safety gate for 11 animals
- KG trough with holder Lg. 4.50 mtr.
- foldable bucket holder with 11 places (only possible in connection with safety gate)
- Hay rack for side door
- Hay rack for attachment to the side wall
- Bucket holder ring over KG trough for 11 places
- Wheel set for KMAX 14 consisting of 2 wheels with hand winch. Arbor for pallet fork. Without street legal.
- Bucket 8 liters

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