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Calf Housing

The alternative to a calf iglu

The cornerstone for healthy and productive cattle is in their infancy. Our mission is to rethink calf husbandry.

In recent years, awareness of the benefits of animal-friendly and hygienic calf husbandry has increased enormously. Numerous studies consistently show that aspects such as air circulation and hygiene have an enormous impact on growth, animal health and subsequent milk yield. For this reason, we developed the KMAX calf housing system for better animal welfare. Our calf huts are a real alternative to calf igloos. We have incorporated the following requirements into the development of all KMAX products:

Air circulation

A constant circulation of fresh air is extremely important for an animal-friendly calf barn. The number of germs in our calf huts is much lower than in the conventional calf igloo. This has a direct impact on the health of the calves and also saves veterinary costs through constant treatment. Scientific tests have shown that in a well-ventilated barn there are only 0.5% of the colony-forming units compared to a poorly ventilated calf barn. In addition, our KMAX system reduces heat stress, respiratory diseases and mucosal diseases. Due to the constant exchange of air, the humidity in a mobile calf pen from Hedemann is significantly lower.


When developing our mobile calf stalls, we used smooth surfaces and an easy-to-clean design. Daily work has to be done quickly. This also applies to stall hygiene in the calf shed. Cleaning with the high pressure cleaner can be done quickly. Good hygienic conditions ensure a better life performance of the cattle and avoid unnecessary treatment costs for diarrheal diseases. By introducing a cleaning plan, the ammonia load for the calves is significantly reduced and transmissions are avoided. In this regard, we recommend keeping the barn fallow for 2-3 days.


A real advantage of our mobile calf stalls is their flexibility in daily use. It often happens that the farm has to be reorganized for seasonal reasons. This is not a problem with our calf huts. Depending on the version, a calf hut is equipped with wheels or an open floor and front loader support. Since time is becoming an increasingly important commodity, the purchase of one of our calf huts also leads to an optimization of the operational process.

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