Elevator for grain

Our elevators take your grain to a new level

Elevators are suitable for the vertical transport of bulk materials such as grain and legumes. Due to the individual adaptation to the respective requirements, the elevator is a long-lasting and economical helper in efficient grain processing.

For conveying capacities of up to 40 t/h, chain elevators are primarily used. These consist of an elevator base, an elevator head and the two shafts. The chain has rubber flights that gently transport the grain into silos or downstream conveyors.

Bucket elevators are usually used for conveying capacities of 60 - 150 t/h. They have the same features as the chain elevator. Like the chain elevator, these have a head, a foot and shafts. With the bucket elevator, however, the grain is conveyed vertically upwards from the elevator base by means of buckets. The elevator buckets are attached to the elevator belt with special screws. The arrangement of the buckets can influence the conveying capacity. Misalignment guards ensure adjustment of the conveyor belt and promote smooth running. A grain elevator has two deflection pulleys that are attached to a shaft in the head and foot area. In grain technology, deflection rollers are usually designed as lattice constructions. This allows grain grains to fall through the grid and prevents contamination under the belt.

Elevators in grain processing are usually supplied as galvanised designs, as they are often used outdoors. This coating promotes a long service life. However, painted versions are also available as an option.

To reduce the wear of the elevator, it is possible to line it with plastic plates. A food-safe and low-wear plastic is used for this purpose.

We use the latest generation of geared motors to ensure that the desired delivery rate is achieved. Depending on the material to be conveyed and the quantity, the selection is made by our experienced staff. This gives you the certainty of receiving reliable quality. In dusty environments, we also use ATEX-compliant geared motors.

Our philosophy is that our conveyors should be simple, uncomplicated and work for you for a long time. We focus on the core features of grain technology. We do not install unnecessary and vulnerable components unless the situation requires it. This minimises the subsequent maintenance effort already in the design.

In many cases, an elevator is used in combination with a trough chain conveyor or a screw conveyor.

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