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Grain cleaner for hygienic storage

The basis for grain storage

Grain cleaners are the basis for your storage. This process frees the bulk material from dust and bacteria. The grain cleaner reliably carries out this important step. With the help of a functioning grain cleaner, economic remarketing is possible. In addition, the quality of the feed is improved by using pure raw materials.

Grain cleaners are offered in different variants.

Sieve cleaners are used for hygienic pre-cleaning and main cleaning as well as for seed cleaning. The harvested grain is transported to the sieve cleaner by means of a conveyor system or a pre-tank. For the first coarse cleaning, the bulk material is flown through with air. The coarsest impurities are removed in the first sieve box. Depending on the design, the screen boxes below are responsible for aspiration of the smaller particles. At the bottom, the cleaned grain is again freed from fine dust particles.

Depending on the type of grain, different sieve sizes can be used. In addition to grain cleaning, the vibrating sieve cleaner can also be used for seed cleaning.

The drum cleaner has a drum sieve through which the contaminated grain flows to the outlet. Depending on the type of grain, the inclination of the drum can be adjusted. The bulk material enters the rotating drum through the inlet. Depending on requirements, the drums are supplied with different sized sieve holes. The advantage of the drum screen cleaners is that they avoid vibrations. This means that these energy-saving helpers are also suitable for use on intermediate floors.

Precleaners work according to the air classifier principle and remove particles from the grain that weigh less than the grains. This includes dust in particular. The air stream separates the grain from the impurities and extracts them. By means of pipes, the exhaust air can be discharged to the outside. The storability of the grain is improved.

If you want to retrofit or replace a grain cleaner in an existing plant, we also reliably carry out this work.

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